Maxim Rysanov conducts Phion
From 04 - 13 November 2022 Maxim Rysanov will be present as guest conductor with the Philharmonie Oost Nederland (Phion). After a very successful collaboration last season in which he was leading and playing (viola) Phion, Maxim is now back as conductor for a programme with film music by Chatsjatoerjan, Prokoviev and Shostakovich. Large parts of the music will be accompanied by original film footage.

Chatsjatoerjan Suite Othello
Prokoviev Suite 'Pique Dame'
Shostakovich Suite 'Ovod' (The Gadfly).

04 November 20.00 uur Muziekcentrum Enschede (Wilmink Theater)
05 November 20.00 uur Musis Sacrum Arnhem
06 November 13.30 uur Schouwburg Deventer
08 November 20.00 uur Schouwburg Odeon Zwolle
13 November 14.30 uur De Vereeniging Nijmegen